I am a Grade 9 student
studying in UWCSEA


About Me

Hi, I am a Grade 9 student studying in UWCSEA, Singapore, which I moved to 3 years ago from China. I am really passionate in blogging and writing journals of places that I have been to.

I created a Chinese blog 2 years ago, sharing news, my writings, my experiences and sometimes my designs on it. It encourages to write more, read more and share with others


My Hobbies


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss


Blogging improves my Chinese writing skills, my English writing skills, and my creativity, my ability to design new things.


It is a a very enjoyable thing to do. "When I am playing badminton there are only two people in the world, myself and my opponent. "


What's New in my Blog?

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I am a student studying in UWCSEA, also a blogger, reader, and a runner sometimes. Do I have other names? Oh yes, my classmates back in China always called me "Shilia".

For me, a blog is like a diary, except that it can present things in lots of ways which a diary cannot, for example, all sorts of media, graphics. Also, a blog allows you to share your life experiences with others. I always feel happy when someone read about my experiences and find it interesting, or maybe when my blog posts help others and bring convenience to them. These are all reasons why I am blogging.

This is probably too much to be written, but I will still list some of them:

- friends (a lot)
- better writing skills
- coding skills
- happiness
- self-satisfaction

Nightingale is a blog that I created in 2018. Unlike "Celia的博客" (https://blog.becomingcelia.com), the blog posts in this blog are all written in English. Also, this blog is more professional, with lots of my essays, my research projects and what I have learnt from classes.

Why is it named "Nightingale" then? When I was trying to find a name for my blog, I suddenly realize that nightingales always sing in June, which is exactly when I am born. So, that might be the reason why I named it this way.

Yes you can. The first solution is to go to Nightingale, a blog written in English. However, this blog doesn't cover all the contents in "Celia的博客", so if you really want to read every blog post in English, just throw the link into Google Translate.

No, I don't believe in religoins, but I respect them would like to study about them. I have things from different religion in my room, such as buddhas, a Shiva statue, crosses. The image of me at the top of the website makes me kind of like a Muslin, but it is actually just helping me to block the desert sun.

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